Heartland of the Confederacy
Civil War in Georgia
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Civil War in Georgia
"Family History Preserved"
University of Georgia archivisit Linda Aaron, with Mary Johnson and Sindney Fortson have preserved more than 100 Civil War letters that were donated by Johnson and Fortson.

Leaders Life Legacy

Thomas R.R. Cobb

Thomas R.R. Cobb

T.R.R. Cobb, Howell Cobb's younger brother and Joseph Henry Lumpkin's son-in-law, graduated first in the University of Georgia class of 1841 and became one of Georgia's most noted lawyers. He was one of the signers of the Georgia Ordinance of Secession and was the principle author of the Confederate Constitution. He later served as a brigadier general in the Army of Northern Virginia and commanded Cobb's Legion. Ironically, he was killed December 1862 at the Battle of Fredericksburg, within sight of the birthplace of his mother.

The picture to the right is of the Lucy Cobb Institute for girls founded in 1859 in honor of Thomas R.R. Cobb's daughter who died at the age of 13.

Thomas R R Cobb Institute

T.R.R. Cobb's home (pictured to the right) has returned to Athens after many years sitting derelict in Stone Mountain Park. Faithfully restored by the Watson-Brown Foundation, the House Museum is open from 10:00-4:00, Tuesdays-Saturdays. Cobb is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery in Athens, Georgia.

Thomas R R Cobb Home