Heartland of the Confederacy
Civil War in Georgia
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Civil War in Georgia
"Family History Preserved"
University of Georgia archivisit Linda Aaron, with Mary Johnson and Sindney Fortson have preserved more than 100 Civil War letters that were donated by Johnson and Fortson.

Leaders Life Legacy

James Longstreet

James LongstreetIn November 1862, General Robert E. Lee reorganized the Army of Northern Virginia, placing General James Longstreet in command of the First Corps and General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson in command of the Second Corps. Longstreet won Lee's admiration and praise for his performance at the Battles of Second Manassas, Anteitam, and Fredericksburg, but his role at the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg created controversy that continues to this day. In 1875 Longstreet settled in Gainesville. One of the few Confederate leaders to join the Republican party, he served as minister to Turkey under President Rutherford B. Hayes and later became a United States marshal for Georgia.

A new Longstreet memorial at his home site (pictured at right) and a portion of the north wing of his hotel are located in Gainesville, Georgia. Visit his gravesite in Alta Vista Cemetery at 1076 Jesse Jewell Parkway.

James Longstreet homesite

This painting by John Paul Strain depicts James Longstreet with Robert E. Lee.

Longstreet painting
Civil War Trivia: Did you notice that the statue featured prominently in the left corner of this website is of James Longstreet?