Heartland of the Confederacy
Civil War in Georgia
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Civil War in Georgia
"Family History Preserved"
University of Georgia archivisit Linda Aaron, with Mary Johnson and Sindney Fortson have preserved more than 100 Civil War letters that were donated by Johnson and Fortson.

Leaders Life Legacy

Benjamin Hill

Benjamin HillBenjamin Hill graduated from the University of Georgia with honors in 1844 and became an outstanding lawyer. A voice of moderation, he opposed secession, but when Georgia left the Union he loyally served the Confederate cause. After the war, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate from Georgia and was the first powerful voice of "The New South."

Hill's postwar home, located at 570 Prince Avenue in Athens, Georgia has been faithfully restored by the University of Georgia. it now serves as the private residence of the University president.

Benjamin Hill house