Heartland of the Confederacy
Civil War in Georgia
Heartland of the Confederacy toombs house
Civil War in Georgia
"Family History Preserved"
University of Georgia archivisit Linda Aaron, with Mary Johnson and Sindney Fortson have preserved more than 100 Civil War letters that were donated by Johnson and Fortson.

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Howell Cobb

Howell CobbHowell Cobb, the older brother of T.R.R. Cobb, graduated from the University of Georgia in 1834. He was elected to the U.S. Congress from 1843-1850 and was Speaker of the House in 1849. He served as governor of Georgia from 1851-1853 and as secretary of the U.S. Treasury from 1856-1860 during the James Buchanan administration. In 1861 Cobb was president of the Montgomery Convention, which created the Confederate States of America. He became a brigadier general in the Army of Northern Virginia and later commanded the District of Georgia.

Cobb is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery in Athens, Georgia.

Two of Howell Cobb's homes remain in Athens, Georgia. One is a private residence located at 425 Hill Street pictured at right.

Howell Cobb home

The other home of Howell Cobb's in Athens, Georgia is owned by Emmanuel Church and is located at 698 N Pope Street. Howell Cobb home