Heartland of the Confederacy
Civil War in Georgia
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Civil War in Georgia
"Family History Preserved"
University of Georgia archivisit Linda Aaron, with Mary Johnson and Sindney Fortson have preserved more than 100 Civil War letters that were donated by Johnson and Fortson.

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Joseph E. Brown

James LongstreetJoseph Brown was governor of Georgia from 1857 to 1865. As the agitation for secession intensified, he became an ardent proponent for Southern independence. Brown prodded the legislature to strengthen the unprepared militia and to make other military preparations. After President Abraham Lincolnís election, Brown called on Georgia to follow South Carolina out of the Union. A hallmark of his wartime administration was his resistance to the authority of the central Confederate government (a policy soon copied by some other Southern governors), which helped undermine the overall war effort. After the war, Brown served in the U.S. Senate from 1880 to 1890.

The Old Governorís Mansion, a part of Georgia College and State University, is located at 120 S. Clarke St. in Milledgeville. A National Historic Landmark, it was completed in 1839 and served as the home of Georgiaís governors until 1869. In 1864, it served as Shermanís headquarters during his March to the Sea. Recently the mansion underwent an award-winning, $9.5 million restoration, returning it to its circa 1850 appearance.

Old Governor's Mansion

Old State Capitol Building
Civil War Trivia:† Did you notice that the statue featured prominently in the left corner of this website is of James Longstreet?